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Chef's Corner: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Couscous

December 6, 2013 Tagine is a north African dish from Morocco which is prepared in a special cooking pot, known as tagine and comes in two pieces. Together, they make sort of a clay oven. more »»

Faces on Faith: Calm and hope in the turbulence of life

December 6, 2013 The wind from the Gulf was so forceful today that waves were breaking hundreds of yards out from the shore. more »»

Sanibel's vegetation standards protect homeowners

December 6, 2013 For decades, Sanibel residents have sought to maintain the island’s sanctuary character by protecting our native environment. more »»

Meet your CHR neighbor

December 6, 2013 Dorothy Donaldson is president of the Historical Museum and Village, as well as director of Buildings and Grounds for Community Housing & Resources (CHR). more »»

Our case for owning stock

December 6, 2013 It's widely known that retail investors have been net sellers of stocks during the 2009-2013 rally. more »»

Theater Review: 'Willy Wonka Jr.' at The Sanibel School

November 27, 2013 The wonderful Sanibel School’s Performing Arts Class, under the keen eyed leadership of Musical Director Joseph M. more »»

Faces on Faith: Our amazing God!

November 21, 2013 I had a very surprising encounter with God a number of years ago. Our family experienced a car accident resulting in my leg being broken in five places. more »»

Faces on Faith: No ordinary Pope

November 14, 2013 Who could have imagined on that rather ordinary March afternoon, when a large portion of the world’s population was watching an empty balcony in Rome, waiting for a new Pope to appear, that a simple... more »»

At the Captiva Library

November 8, 2013 Reminder: The Captiva Memorial Library is closed for building renovations. The library reopening is scheduled for January of 2014. more »»

Living Sanibel: Black Widow Spider

November 8, 2013 This is the one spider you probably do not want to look for. Females are aggressive and will inject a potentially lethal neurotoxic venom into the bite that can result in deat. more »»

Poetic License: Mama Carmen Suite

November 8, 2013 I Love at First Sight She was less than five feet tall and plumper than a calabaza, yet she could touch the floor with the palm of her hand and chop a roasted pig into a hundred pieces while... more »»

Shell Shocked: Baseball Memories

November 8, 2013 Jim Bouton Is a former major league baseball player who won twenty-one games for the New York Yankees in the early sixties and pitched in World Series games for them. more »»

WHATS BLOOMIN’ IN PARADISE? a gardeners journey

November 8, 2013 First impression: Dramatic, petite, fairy tale, cherry red, and cameo-white kissed flowers in a nosegay to form many blossoms. more »»

Faces on Faith: Grace, money and the waters of Israel

November 7, 2013 This month my congregation engages in our annual stewardship campaign. more »»

At the Captiva Library

November 1, 2013 The Captiva Memorial Library is closed for building renovations. The library reopening is scheduled for January of 201. more »»

Living Sanibel: American Cockroach

November 1, 2013 While this common insect has an American name, its origins are believed to be rooted in Western Africa, arriving to North America as a stowaway as early as 1625. more »»

Shell Shocked: The Day the Feds Closed Ding Darling

November 1, 2013 The director of Ding Darling had just had a composure shattering experience. He had just had a phone conversation with the Secretary of the Interior. more »»

WHATS BLOOMIN’ IN PARADISE? a gardeners journey

November 1, 2013 First impression: Exotic egret head in profile-shaped flower of creamy ivory, vibrant blues, and a sprinkle of magenta. The blossom is extra large, measuring 15-inches long. more »»

Chef's Corner: Wild and tasty from the grill

October 31, 2013 Wild boar meat is slightly dark in color, has flavor similar to domesticated pork and can be prepared much like it. more »»

Faces on Faith: Spiritual vs. Religious

October 31, 2013 We seem to be in a time when so many people of all ages have stopped attending main-line church services, claiming to be spiritual, but not religious. more »»



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