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Faces on Faith: Man - God's elegant design

June 27, 2013 Have you ever thought of yourself as an idea? Not just a tired, uninspired, limited idea, but an actual elegant design? It takes a bit of curiosity to make the leap to a metaphysical concept in... more »»

Faces on Faith: A Sacred moment in a coffee line

June 20, 2013 As I hastily made my way to the coffee stand at Health Park Hospital, I heard the most heavenly strains of music. more »»

Chef's Corner: Ceviche, South America's secret

June 6, 2013 Ceviche is seafood prepared in a centuries old method of cooking by contact with the acidic juices of citrus instead of heat. more »»

Faces on Faith: Seeking the healing space of common ground

May 30, 2013 “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. more »»

Faces on Faith: Would we be missed?

May 23, 2013 My mom had the dry wit of a midwest farm girl. When I headed off to college I said to her, “I’m really going to miss you Mom. more »»

Faces on Faith: Where is safety to be found?

May 9, 2013 The "Christian Science Monitor" devoted a recent issue to the subject of guns. more »»

Why attend council meetings?

May 9, 2013 At a recent island event, a woman described people who attend Sanibel City Council meetings as “people who don’t have anything better to do. more »»

Chef's Corner: Dive in for a devine dish

May 2, 2013 Diver scallops are hand harvested from the ocean floor by professional licensed scuba divers. They are typically larger than normal sea scallops and are sold either wet or dry. more »»

Faces on Faith: All nature red in tooth and claw? Not!

May 2, 2013 The month of April wanes as I pen these thoughts on an early morning just before dawn. more »»

Businessman donates $1 million to hospital

May 2, 2013 Lee Memorial Health System Foundation received a $1,000,000 gift from Fort Myers businessman Jim Doyle. more »»

Faces on Faith: How did you get your name?

April 25, 2013 Perhaps your parents were looking for a Gaelic name so they called you Ashlynn or Donal. more »»

Faces on Faith: Justice, justice shalt Thou Pursue

April 18, 2013 We were ordered to create a judicial system in Deuteronomy and to make it just in Deut. 16:2. more »»

Rare opportunity at Woodring Point

April 18, 2013 We have another chance to preserve Sanibel’s uniqueness, by acquiring a very special parcel of land to protect it against future development. more »»

Faces on Faith: Practical atheists

April 11, 2013 Did you hear about the Sunday school teacher who asked her preschool class if they knew where God lives? One little boy piped up, “In heaven. more »»

Chef's Corner: Veal chop a special treat

April 8, 2013 Veal chops are always a special treat and are considered a delicacy in many cultures. It can be purchased bone-in or as a boneless rib-eye. more »»

Faces on Faith: Don’t try to get over it, get through it with God’s help

April 8, 2013 Whether you are in pain yourself, living with someone in emotional or physical pain, or trying to deal with persistent pain in a community or the world, the suffering of humanity never seems to stop... more »»

Faces on Faith: Redemptive suffering

March 29, 2013 Faces on Faith ... pick up standing column mugshot for Rev. Christopher Senk ... more »»

Reviewing COTI's year of work

March 29, 2013 Following are the remarks made by Committee of the Islands president Barbara Joy Cooley at the Committee's recent annual meeting:   I want to take a few moments here to look back over the past year... more »»

Guest Column: It's working

March 29, 2013 In the four years before I took office, Florida lost more than 825,000 jobs, unemployment more than tripled from 3.5 percent to 11.1percent, and state debt increased by $5.2 billion. more »»

Faces on Faith: Christ Is Risen! Risen Indeed?

March 22, 2013 Sunday, March 24, is what Christians refer to as Palm Sunday. more »»



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