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Money may drive Presidential election

October 12, 2012 To the Editor, I can’t believe that this is another election where the Republican Party couldn’t find a leader that is capable of moving us away from the mess created by eight years of totally inept... more »»

Senior Center is a priority

October 12, 2012 Dear Editor, In regard to Elton Shepherd's letter "Replace Senior Center," I'm not sure I understand why Mr. more »»

City should tighten its belt

September 26, 2012 Dear Editor, Based on input from the Finance Department, Sanibel will spend $38 million in 2013 or about $5,700 per permanent resident. The comparable figure in Fort Myers is $1,330. more »»

To whom do we pledge allegiance?

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, Consider this: “I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist, not the United States of America, and to the executives for which he stands, one nation, under him, individual, with liberty and... more »»

A vote for Obama, warts and all

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, As an island resident listening to the political comments of other island residents, it is clear that most are of the Republican persuasion. more »»

Well-deserved Thank You

September 21, 2012 Dear Editor, We want to thank the people of Captiva who shared their island and their generosity in support of the Galloway Captiva Triathlon and its charity, CCMI, this past weeken. more »»

Wildlife and sport fish restoration program turns 75

August 31, 2012 Dear Editor,    The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program turns 75 this September. more »»

Water quality issue for all

August 24, 2012 Letter to the editor Given the fact that the Cape’s spreader canal is a regional water quality issue, and not just a Cape Coral recreational boating access issue, it is important to respond to some... more »»

Planned community or tourist destination?

August 10, 2012 Dear Editor, The Sanibel Planning Commission introduced July 24, 2012 (36 years since the City's historic adoption of the Sanibel Plan) a proposal for increasing short-form development applications,... more »»

Forum excludes Democrat candidate

August 10, 2012 To the Editor: The recent SECOND snubbing and exclusion of a Democrat at a congressional debate forum sponsored by the (supposedly) non-partisan Chamber of Commerce (this one in North Fort Myers) wa... more »»

Backing Goss for Congress

August 3, 2012 Dear Editor, Southwest Florida is a national treasure, and also a personal treasure to every voting adult who is smart enough, and lucky enough to live here. more »»

Parade spray apology

August 3, 2012 Dear Editor, The Sanibel Fire Rescue District has been informed that some spectators at this year’s Fourth of July Parade were upset with the use of water spray during the even. more »»

Mistaken identity

August 3, 2012 It has come to my attention that some members of the public apparently think that I, Marilyn . more »»

Lost treasure

July 6, 2012 Dear editor, For years, I have been trying, through letters like this, and meetings and phone calls, to discretely, encourage the City of Sanibel and the conservation community to acknowledge the... more »»

Against removing boat dock ban

June 15, 2012 Letter to the Editor, At the present time Jerry, of Jerry's Foods, is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the city of Sanibel. more »»

Trouble in bike paradise

June 15, 2012 Dear Editor,  Sanibel shared path usage figures are interesting in what they tell us and what they don’t. more »»

COTI should just cool it

May 18, 2012 Dear Editor, Committee of the Island (COTI) have voiced their disapproval of the recent appointment of a member to the Planning Commission. more »»

Please don't pave paradise in 2013

May 4, 2012 Dear Editor,   Ding Darling has been dead for 50 years so I ask what he would think about the plan in 2013 to lay asphalt down and pave what Charles LeBuff calls "The Dyke" but was named "Wildlife... more »»

Naming Southwest Florida's best tourist attraction

April 27, 2012 The "best tourist attraction" reportedly is the entire Sanibel barrier island conservation-zoned beaches on the Gulf of Mexico seaward of the Lee County Coastal Construction Setback Line (CCSL);... more »»

Hybrid Petition Drive for election of county commissioners

April 27, 2012 Originally the State of Florida followed the procedure of other states and elected county commissioners by district. The same procedure was probably followed in your home county as well. more »»



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