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Goss: Our best and brightest hope

August 17, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

I've lived in Southwest Florida for 44-years - first as a fishing guide, now the author of many Florida-based novels, and I urge you to consider a man who is among the smartest, most decent and responsible congressional candidates Florida has ever produced: Chauncey Goss.

There are several candidates in this race, one of whom is a typically poor choice - a wealthy outsider whose ties to the area are ambiguous at best. (Yes, again.) I fear that millions spent on negative adds, and the disconnect between wisdom and certain editorial boards will fragment our vote and put the least deserving candidate in office. (Yes, sadly, again.)

Chauncey Goss grew up in Southwest Florida. His family, his children, are members of a regional fabric that binds us all. That bond obligates us to do what is best this treasure we call home.

Chauncey actually understands the enormity of our most pressing environmental problem: water pollution via Lake Okeechobee. More importantly, he has the intellect, and the negotiating skills required to effect change.

As a candidate, Mr. Goss is new to the national scene, but an old hand when it comes to understanding the complexities of Washington D.C. He worked closely with his friend, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, while serving as Staff Director for the U.S. House Budget Committee. He also served as a trusted advisor to his father, Porter Goss, who was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Director of the C.I.A.

Although a fiscal conservative, Chauncey Goss was among the first to champion the imperative of cleaning-up our inland and coastal waterways. As Executive Director of the Gasparilla Island Conservation Association, he was among the first to speak out against federal subsidies granted Big Sugar, and the horrific pollution caused by the sugar industry.

If the race for the 19th Congressional district wasn't so important to Southwest Florida, I would not risk imposing my personal opinion. But this election is vitally important! For more than six years, our district has suffered inept, inefficient (and sometimes down right embarrassing) representation in Congress - wealthy outsiders, all.

Chauncey Goss is our best and brightest hope.

Randy Wayne White

Sanibel Island



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