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Vote for Patrick Murphy

October 19, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

All politics are local, yet in this election year most of our politicians speak on national issues, presenting highly divisive solutions.

But here in South Florida many of us are focused on one very local issue, namely the fact that we are surrounded by, and entrapped in, a giant sewer made possible by Big Agriculture and particularly the Sugar Industry. The engineering solutions to the water pollution problems have been agreed upon, but our greedy polluters refuse to accept these solutions. And by the use of their political connections their denials are forcing us to live with slimy red tide, fish and bird kills on our beaches, and clotted rivers with smelly algae. Our citizens and visiting families are exposed to severe bacterial and respiratory infections, along with death threatening nervous disorders such as ALS and Parkinsons.

So how can we move past this deadlock between the needs and interests of local citizens vs. the profit mentality of greedy corporations? By thinking carefully before you vote on Nov. 8 for the U.S. Senator who will be serving us for the next critical six years, years which will have a profound effect on our environmental future.

Here are the facts: Marco Rubio is funded by Agriculture and Sugar, and has stated he will protect their interests at all costs. To him, big business is more important than we are. Patrick Murphy, on the other hand, is not funded by these industries because he not only vows to save our much beleaguered environment, but will force big businesses to share the cost of cleaning up the mess they created. So I'm voting for Murphy, the guy who cares about solving my local problem when he goes to Washington. I hope you will too.

Jill Dillon




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