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Don’t be deceived by Solar Amendment No. 1!

November 3, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

I have always supported solar energy in the "Sunshine State" so it may seem odd to encourage a NO vote for what appears to be a pro-solar amendment. The corporate lawyers who crafted this deceitful amendment want you to be fooled into supporting this wolf in sheep's clothing which, in reality, blocks the sun.

Amendment No. 1 is designed to slow, if not stop, the inevitable rise of solar energy in the third best state for home-based energy plants. If passed, it would impose additional costs and reduce the ability of consumers of electricity to sell their excess power back into the grid. This loss of "net metering" makes private rooftop solar arrays more expensive for homeowners. Amendment No. 4, passed in August already guarantees the right to install solar power.

The big utility companies have spent $21.5 million on promoting Amendment No. 1. They realize that the cost of solar is already competitive and that if the rise in private installations continues at the current pace they stand to lose their very profitable energy monopolies. The fact is the amendment should never have cleared the Florida Supreme Court, but narrowly passed on a 4 to 3 decision. If it does pass it will likely be challenged in court, but the best thing to do is to defeat it on Nov. 8!

The only course of action to promote solar power is to get on the phone, the internet, Facebook, emails, or any rooftop you can find and tell your fellow Floridians to vote "NO" on Amendment No. 1. Let's work together toward a future filled with the un-ownable power of the sun.

Charles Sobczak




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