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Thanks for the calls

November 23, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

Dear Republican friends,

I very much appreciated your many enthusiastic phone calls this week. I am happy for you that Secretary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won. As a Democrat, it was not my choice, but it is the result of democracy. It is also to your benefit that the administration, both houses of Congress and soon the Supreme Court will be unified in your cause.

As I did with George W. Bush, I will gladly give our new president the benefit of the doubt and not impugn his character. Going forward, out of respect for the office, I will base my criticisms, not on his character, or background. Rather, I'll keep my opinions focused on his actions.

Let us hope and pray that he performs better than the former Republican president and administration when it had the support of the House, Senate and high court. As I am sure you remember, when that administration left the White House:

a) Our economy was in the greatest recession since the great depression;

b) Unemployment reached 10 percent;

c) The unraveling of banking regulations allowed billionaire bankers to defraud their depositors into thinking their money was in safe investments;

d) We had the largest single attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor; and we avenged the death of the 2,996 victims of that attack by sacrificing the lives of U.S. 3,579 soldiers and contractors and wounding an additional 20,049;

e) The combination of the war and recession (not counting our sluggish, yet positive economic growth since 2011) has resulted in $7.79 trillion dollars of our current $18 trillion dollar debt.

I am sure you will agree that the bar, relative to the last Republican led administration, is pretty low. Let's hope that our new president can do better. He starts with a 4.9 percent unemployment rate, 2.2 percent growth in the economy, historic lows in interest rates and inflation, a diminishing trajectory for annualized debt, a slowing of the total debt growth trend, and an additional 20 million Americans with healthcare coverage.

I've always considered America to be great. Let's hope our new president can make it even greater!

Thanks for the calls.

Jason LaManna




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