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Water Water two buckets and shutoff while brushing

November 30, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

Clearly we have to become more responsible about water usage. As the Island fills up with snowbirds and more visitors, the demands on water during this drought will increase.

I suggest three simple things, that when multiplied in a thousand homes, could really help. It confronts how truly an environmentalist you are.

Get two buckets. One for the shower and one for the kitchen. The bucket in the shower is put under the faucet to collect the cold water before the hot water arrives. At our house, that cold water, instead of going down the drain, almost fills a two gallon bucket. Think of that going on in a thousand island homes.

Now, the bucket in the kitchen is for reusing water left after steaming vegetables, water left over from a teapot kettle, or even water left after poached eggs. That bucket can be used to water flowers in your garden. It could reduce some of the hose water islanders use too freely.

I bet you guessed what the bucket in the bathroom can be used for. Yes, it can be used to flush the toilet. If you believe that you are an environmentalist, use that toilet saving flush bucket.

For another water saver, wet your tooth brush and then turn off the water while you finish brushing. When washing your hands, wet them, and turn off the water, soap up good, and then rinse. Saving all that running water can make a difference.

Finally, I was in the Navy. Water was tight on a ship. We were taught to turn on the shower, get wet, and turn it off. Then soap up thoroughly, then finish with the water back on to rinse off. Think how much that saves compared to staying under the shower head the whole time.

Change can save water. Can you participate in these few changes? We'll see.

Sidney B. Simon




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