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Clean water was a key local issue

November 15, 2018
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

The headline on your recent editorial was "Battle won, fight goes on." Then you explained that those of us horrified by our recent toxic water disaster finally got some good news on the water quality front because Trump finally signed legislation that may provide us some relief by 2020. For those who have suffered major health problems due to the environmental catastrophe we suffered this summer, not to mention the economic hit our area is still taking, 2020 is a long way off.

On Election Day, Florida voters affected by red tide and blue-green algae were enthusiastic about environmental issues and turned out to vote in historic numbers. Clean water was a key issue for us. The huge tragedy for our state is that the two top-of-the-ticket races were barely won by candidates least qualified to lead us in our battles against polluted water: Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott.

Everyone saw the "Republican-Democrat-Water" signs around the island, with the "Water" bubble colored in. If you voted for DeSantis and/or Scott, you have no complaint the next time our area is blanketed with red tide and/or blue-green algae. None. When you have to explain to your family and friends why they cannot safely swim in the Gulf or even walk on Sanibel's once beautiful beaches without stepping over dead fish, remember your Republican vote.

You had the right to vote for the candidates of your choice. But, hopefully you are an informed voter and knew of the poor records of DeSantis and Scott and that they are climate change deniers. If you are concerned about our environment, now hold them accountable for their actions - every day and every vote.

DeSantis has four long years to begin to care about our state's environment, not just his self-admitted interest in appointing three state Supreme Court Judges. Scott has (sigh) six long years to do a 180 from what he's done for the last eight years as governor. For our state's sake, and for our environment, I hope they prove me wrong.

Alison Ward




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