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Save Sanibel

January 2, 2019
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

The very slow tourist season, caused by the massive red tide, has put a deep dent in the business on the island. I encourage all islanders to go out to eat an extra day each week, shop our local businesses, schedule a charter fishing trip and try to spend more locally.

We need to end red tide and stop polluting our waters. It was sad to see that the SFWMD dropped the option to buy US Sugar land that could have been used to let the polluted waters of lake Okeechobee flow south through the Everglades. This is where the water flowed for thousands of years before some "smart" politicians decided to damn the lake and farm the land. That's not the way God had set it up.

The state could have bought the land for $1.8 billion, but we have "deep thinkers" like Brandon Tucker of SFWMD saying "Where in the world would we come up with that money." Didn't Mr. Tucker realize we are spending $1.6 billion on the planned reservoir that wouldn't be needed if the water flowed south? Maybe Mr. Tucker is a "little conflicted" in his thinking since he is in the agriculture real estate business.

Gov. Ron DeSantis needs to replace the whole SFWMD board with people who are concerned about cleaning up our waters.

We can't let Big Sugar win. We have to stop the vicious cycle of the government subsidizing hundreds of millions of dollars to the sugar companies so they can take part of that money and buy our politicians. Time to support politicians like DeSantis, Rubio and Mast and dump the sugar lover Red Tide Rick, like we dumped the other politicians who were in sugar's pockets, Adam Putman and Matt Caldwell. Let our new governor know we need his help on Sanibel.

Michael Dicorpo




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